Humanitarian Action Network, Inc.

who we are

Board of Directors

Humanitarian Action Network is a 100% volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Further, we keep our business costs low so that the maximum amount of our revenue can go toward supporting our homeless neighbors in our communities. We are proud to report that our average business expenses are just under $50 per month. We are also an earth-conscious organization, striving to use only eco-friendly food containers, utensils, and bags. When we distribute items to the homeless, we first remove all packaging to ensure that any extra waste does not end up littering our streets.

As a start-up, we currently support only the Sacramento area, but hope that with increased support from our humanitarian friends, we will soon be able to expand throughout California and eventually across the nation.

The Humanitarian Action Network Board of Directors are (left to right) Jay Patel, Vice President; Jessica Walker, President; Chris Gugino, Director; Janis Camacho, Treasurer/CFO; Angela O'Brien, Secretary