Humanitarian Action Network, Inc.

Humanitarian Action Network, Inc.

Humanitarian Action Network, Inc. Humanitarian Action Network, Inc.


Winter Homeless Care Package Project

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This is our annual winter project to support people experiencing homelessness in Sacramento. Click the image above to learn more.

Summer Homeless Care Package Project


While summer weather provides respite from cold and rain, it comes with a different set of challenges. People experiencing homelessness in the extreme heat of summer are at risk for dehydration, and often spend entire days in direct sunlight. We will be starting an ongoing collection of items to support the homeless throughout Sacramento's hottest months. Click the image above to be taken to the Summer Homeless Care Package Project Wish List on Amazon.

Porta Potty Project


Every human being deserves the right to go to the bathroom in a dignified manner, but many of those experiencing homelessness have no regular access to a restroom. For this reason, we are launching a project to sponsor porta potties for the homeless. Your recurring monetary donation from our home page will help to support this important endeavor. 

The HUMAN Project


HAN launched its first HUMAN project with the distribution of HUMAN t-shirts to the unsheltered homeless throughout Sacramento in June 2019. The purpose of the HUMAN project is to remind people with homes that people without homes are still human beings who still have the same basic human needs as everyone else. Losing ones' home does not change the fact that these people still need shelter, food, water, a place to go to the bathroom, dignity, and love. A special thank you to S+B James Construction for their generous contribution toward this project. 

HUMAN baseball caps coming in 2020!